Kiruna snowmobile tours - Lapland, Sweden

You can drive a snowmobile yourself ...

... but you will never drive alone! Driving a snowmobile in Lapland is simply a MUST when you visit Kiruna! It does not matter if you choose just a few hours excursion or an entire weektour by snowmobile - you'll be fascinated: Up to 120 hp will make your way through the great white open Lapland. Our snowmobile tours are provided by a reliable network of partners that have routine, professionality and the right feeling for safety in our sub-arctic landscape in common. Overalls, boots, mittens, facemask and the mandatory helmet are always included in the prices. To drive a snowmobile in Sweden you need to show a valid driver's license for car or motorbike. And even if operating such a machine under influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited - you will have a great trip anyhow! Just scroll down to see our tours for the season 2017/2018

3 day snowmobile Taiga tour

The boreal belt of the coniferous woodland - the vegetation zone that is globally known under it's Russian name "taiga" - starts with decreasing impact of the Gulf Stream a little bit east of Kiruna. The characteristic landscape north-east of Kiruna town is ideal for visitors to Lapland that want to give snowmobiling a first yet extended try. Moderate daily distances and a very routined multilingual guide grant diversified genuine experiences above the arctic circle. Meet Sami reindeer herders at their home, see the Icehotel and sleep in rustic wilderness camps. Modern snowmobiles with environment-friendly 4-stroke engines and wide tracks will encourage you to make experiences in deep snow. Comprehensive instructions ... I want to see the full tour description and the price

3 day snowmobile Tundra tour

Slightly more advanced & sporty than the "Taiga" tour and - as the name says - a completely different landscape. Longer daily stages in more demanding terrain. Yet no competition but a longer journey on runners. From Kiruna up towards north we meet the Sami reindeer herders at their home. A plain privilege to have dinner at the open fireplace as guests of Europe's last indigenous folk, a pleasure to listen to their stories and history! This ain't no touristic Disneyland-show - that's at home at our friend Per-Nils. Enjoy! Further north we'll pass the timberline for a short flirt with the border to Norway high in the Scandinavian mountain range. The large pine forest in the Torne river valley will welcome us back ...I WANT TO KNOW MORE

"total reset" - the weektour

Don't you dare to go it all the way ? Not for the faintharted. But average fit adventurers will feel the freedom and routined motorcyclists will enjoy long daily stages without any insects hitting the visor. When you will have experienced your first blizzard in the mountains you will feel strong. If you meet moose and reindeer in the forest you'll feel close to nature. If a long day ends with a hot sauna your brain & soul will feel clean. If you fall to sleep in a rustic but cozy wilderness camp it will feel luxurious. If the next day starts with the smell of coffee prepared on a wood-fired stove you'll simply feel good. If you ... want to know more CLICK HERE

+++ SPECIAL +++ Aurora, snowmobile and dogsledding

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